Identity and Branding

Marketing Provisions has helped many businesses form their own unique identity and branding. Using logos, websites, promotional items, printed materials and advertisements your company’s identity will be consistent, identifiable and will consistently promote your brand.

Company Identity

A company identity includes all the visual characteristics of your business, such as your logo, color scheme, fonts, logo size and so on. Your identity will have set parameters that will be used as guidelines to ensure that your company is always recognizable. All company marketing materials that Marketing Provisions creates such as a website, emails, business cards and banners will consistently use this identity. This will in turn help you with your company branding.


Branding is what consumers think of your company when they see your logo or hear your company name. A brand reflects the qualities and personality of your business. Is your business quirky and easy going? Or is it more formal and stately? Once you define the personality of your business you next need to identify your target audience. You ideally want to motivate them to buy your product and be loyal towards your company. Design, the use of an easily identifiable logo and a clear message are crucial to start your branding. Consistent use of these elements will help to make you stand out from your competitors.
Identity and branding have different roles that work together to form a perceived image for a business or product. Marketing Provisions can help you design a company identity and branding that will make a positive and lasting impression for your customers.

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