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A press release is a statement to inform members of the news media and your community about your company or a cause. It can be in written, audio or video format. A press release can include upcoming public events or reports of a recent event at your business or in your community.

Why should my Company Submit a Press Release?

Press releases are used to announce a range of business news such as sales, new products or services, promotions, events and awards. Nowadays people are increasingly getting their news online from sites like Yahoo! News, Google News, CNN online and even their local newspapers and tv stations.

Link Building with Press Releases

A press release can give your business a lot of exposure in the news and on the internet. Every time an online newspaper picks up your story, they are giving you a link from their website to yours. 

A press release can be one of the best ways to market your business online.

Marketing Provisions will help you write a press release for your business and submit them to a distribution service.


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