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Marketing Provisions incorporates all aspects of web design and development, from programming and design to database management. For a small business it makes sense to work with just one company from concept to finish, it will not only save you time but money as well. Your business will have a website that looks great, works specifically for your services, enhances your visibility online and will bring you new customers. We are experts with design, custom coding, programming and integration that will produce actual results. Think of Marketing Provisions as your dedicated web development team that designs, hosts and maintains the company website.

Can anyone build a website?

With all the DIY website building software readily available, of course they can! Honestly just about anyone with some extra time and effort can create a web design. Yes, they tend to look basic but it's a website nevertheless. Another option is finding a cheap web designer to do it for you and then you will have a nicer looking website. But will these options produce results for your business?

Unfortunately, both instances will produce a website that is not being seen on a search due to the necessary coding that is missing. Just because you can build your own website doesn't mean customers will find it. Don't get caught up with wasting money, time and energy. By hiring Marketing Provisions you will get a web designer that can build a professional website that looks great, works great and performs great on search engines. This will help get new customers in your front door and front of you.

Watch a short Video to help explain ...

Where are your new customers coming from? Increasingly people are going online and using Google, Bing or Yahoo! to search for what they want. They are using not only their desktop or laptops, but now more than ever people are using tablets and smart phones to search. People are looking online for suggestions, specific businesses, reviews and driving directions. Marketing Provisions builds websites that are seen on all devices, rank well on all search engines and integrate with your social media to drive people to your website and your business.

Not only does Marketing Provisions provide a nice visitor experience, we focus that attention to the call to actions we've set in place for visitors and easily convert website visitor traffic to leads or sales. Basically, we help put more money in our client’s pockets with our website design and integrated marketing tools.

Why should people go to your website?

Second only to your actual place of business, your website gives the most comprehensive description to a potential customer. It gives information that explains your services, shows pictures or videos of your wares and your store front, shows testimonials from past customers and so much more. Marketing Provisions provides a web design that will look and feel like your actual brick and mortar business. All online advertising from Google Adwords, directory listings and social media should lead a person to your website. From there the customer will decide whether to visit your place of business or call for more information.


Marketing Provisions are experts with using every marketing technique available. One of the most crucial is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. But what is it really and how do you do it? Well it's defined simply as optimizing a website so that when people do a search on the internet for something specific using keywords that website will show up as one of the first recommendations to look at. Simple for us, but not so simple for others. It's how to truly optimize a website that has other web designers stumped. Google alone has over 200 factors that decide website placement on their search engine. We know exactly what to do and how to do it.


SEO is in the website design, programming code, layout, links, referrals, content, keywords and so on. At Marketing Provisions we make it seem simple with our expertise. We then use other marketing mediums along with SEO such as Social Media Marketing to attract more business for you. As we mentioned, everything works hand in hand with the web design and integrates seamlessly while helping the entire process to become even more powerful. These are only a few mentions of what we can do for our clients. We make it easy and affordable with all our integrated marketing solutions.


Marketing Provisions is an experienced marketing company that has worked with many businesses for over 15 years. It's what happens behind the scenes of a website that most web designers don't have a clue about. Not only are we great Web Designers and SEO experts, we are Web Developers that integrate our traditional and online marketing campaigns with everything we do to get more website visitors. We then track each website visit and report to our clients about what kind of actions were taken. Did they make a phone call, make a purchase or make a booking? What are the demographics, what were they most focused on? And many other insights. We provide the insights and then discuss in plain and simple English what actions took place and what our recommendations are for the next step. All the while our clients notice an increase their bank accounts and everyone is happy.


Not only do we have the creative and technical knowledge for websites and marketing, we understand business and work with you to understand yours. We discuss with our clients what their goals are and then we help them achieve these goals through web design and our various marketing programs. Think of Marketing Provisions more like business consultants and lead generators. It's our job to put potential customers in front of our clients and then it's up to our clients to close the deals.


Another aspect of our marketing efforts is customer retention and loyalty campaigns. Customer relations is key to successfully growing your company whether you are a retail store, restaurant, hotel, service provider or another type of business . Marketing Provisions provides the solutions to help keep your customers coming back over and over again. We also engage with those customers in helping to spread the word about your business through referrals, testimonials and reviews.


Get a return on your investment. Don't just settle for any website or website designer. Invest your money into a website with marketing integration and focus putting more money back into your pockets. At Marketing Provisions, our marketing strategies always pay for itself.

Website Development is the combination of website design and website programming. It’s the process of meeting with a client, finding out their wants and needs, creating a design layout for the website, and programming the website to fulfil the client’s vision.

Website Design is all about what the client wants, how the website will look when finished and how the customers will interact with the site. The designer is concerned with the front end or layout of the site (the colors used and placement of pictures, titles and words) and the usability or ease of navigation of the website for the end users.

Website Programming concerns the back-end or the non-design side of the website. This is where all the programming, coding, flash designs, HTML5, SEO and network security is taken care of. It is bringing the design to life for the client.

Marketing Provisions encompasses all aspects of web design and development and. What does this mean for your business? Savings! Working with just one company from concept to finish saves you time and money. You will have a website that looks great, works for your business, enhances your business and gets you new customers.

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