Scale-able Graphics


Scale-able graphics generally come in two different forms – Vector and Raster. Marketing Provisions uses both Raster Graphics (Photoshop) and Vector Graphics (Adobe Illustrator) when composing scale-able graphic images. Both kinds of graphics are good in their own way, and knowing when to use each is what Marketing Provisions specialize in.

Raster graphics use pixels to form an image. Using thousands of pixels, each one is assigned a color and together they form a picture. JPEG, GIF and PNG are all raster graphic formats. Because the pixels are square, when you enlarge an image the lines become “blocky” or pixelated. Generally, this form is used for pictures and natural looking images with multiple coloring and shading. They are scale-able graphics downward but not upward to make an image bigger than its original form.

Vector graphics are made of lines that are straight or curved. Formats for these are .eps or AI. Because vector graphics use smooth lines the images can be very detailed and are scale-able up or down and they still keep their crisp lines. Vector graphics are best used for logos, illustrations and print work.
When you have an image that needs to be scale-able either up or down in size, vector graphics are best used. Marketing Provisions will design and format your scale-able graphic image so that it will come out clean and crisp whether you use them on websites, business cards, flyers, apparel, banners and even billboards.

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