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Paid advertising comes in many forms. Online it can mean Google Adwords, Pay Per Click (PPC), and banner ads. Offline it can be an ad in a newspaper, magazine or billboard. Marketing Provisions can help you determine whether your company needs paid advertising to meet your goals and help you to distinguish which avenues to take to stay within your budget.

Facebook, Linkedin and other social media networks have paid advertising. These are usually ads that are displayed to a target audience. Google has "pay per click" ads that are listed on their search engines, these appear as text ads and are targeted to certain keywords and are displayed when the keywords are typed. You pay for each time someone clicks on the ad. Display or banner ads come in many sizes and are very common on websites.

Traditional advertising is a great way to bring attention to your business. Some types, such as magazines, are targeted to a specific audience, while other types, such as billboards, are targeted to the general population. Traditional paid advertising is a great way for you to get your business noticed by a wide variety of people.

Using your branding, logo and scale-able graphics, Marketing Provisions can help you design the perfect ad for your business.

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