Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is the "old school” type of advertising, even in today’s internet age it should still be an important part of your advertising. The most commonly used venues for traditional marketing are print advertisements (such as magazines, coupon books and billboards), commercial spots (either on the radio or tv), direct mailings or printed materials (such as postcards, brochures or catalogs).

Marketing Provisions knows that there is a large audience that prefers all or some aspects of traditional marketing. People still like to shop and talk to a salesperson, whether it is in a storefront, business or trade show. These one-on-one meetings can be a way to create loyalty to your business and provide word of mouth advertising as well.

Traditional marketing can entice potential clients to your physical location (think coupon book), it can help your logo or slogan stay in the minds of consumers (think billboard or promotional item), and it can show off your company’s sense of style or humor (think tv or radio commercial).

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