Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a computer program that allows website owners to easily maintain and manage their own websites on a daily basis. Marketing Provisions primarily uses Joomla! and Wordpress for its CMS. We are also proficient in PHP and Cold Fusion.

Why do we use template-based Websites? By starting with an existing website template and customising the graphics, layout and content to suit your business, we can save you thousands of dollars in development costs, and complete your project in a fraction of the time it takes to create a fully customized website.

Joomla and Wordpress are extremely user friendly systems, even for the non-technical administrator. This means there is no more waiting for a programmer to fit you into their schedule and charge you a lot of money to make a few small changes. With a few lessons and some tutorial videos that we provide you can do it yourself!

Why Joomla? We consider it the best, award winning, open market CMS platform on the market. Why else would MTV’s Quizilla, IHOP, Harvard University, Citibank, Time-Warner Cable, and so many more companies use it? As you can see Joomla is not just for simple, personal websites. Joomla has hundreds of add-ons and third party integrations that can be used to make your site as personalized and individual as your business is. E-commerce, reservations, photo galleries, calendars, social media, blogging and so many more additions that can be integrated into a basic Joomla site.

Wordpress started in 2003 as a blogging site, but soon grew to be a top website building tool. It too is open source with hundreds of templates available to choose from and just as many plug-ins or third part integration systems.  Wordpress is used by MSNBC, Harvey Nichols and BBC America to name just a few.

Marketing Provisions takes your desired template and customizes it with your colors, pictures, fonts, etc to make your website one of a kind. Visit our website gallery to see some truly unique websites and then call us to set up your appointment.

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